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Email Management CRM


An Email Management CRM is required to be developed for Service Quality Department and deployed at Meezan Bank Limited. This email management solution will help them manage emails efficiently – flagging them, improving the response rate, prompt responses to critical emails and ensuring no emails are left non-responded.

the solution will also help Meezan Bank in promoting email as a proper/official channel for communication and complaints about the local and overseas clients as well. Currently, the whole process is being managed manually with more human intervention and only through mail client (Lotus).

The scope of the project is to design and develop a web-based email management solution/CRM for the service quality department and branch users. This solution will give Meezan Bank users better administration, improved efficiency, high response/resolution rate, competitive advantage, and generating better results. This solution will fetch all the emails from the server and push it into the web application. A step-wise process (mentioned below) will be followed in performing tasks on the web application. Emails will be converted into tickets in this solution and auto-responses will be sent to the customer for acknowledgment. A new thread will be created in case emails are received on no-reply ids and the customer will be educated/informed in the response about the same. Email templates will be managed in this solution and a list of ids through which emails will be sent to the customers. Internal communication will be done manually and statuses will be updated by the assigned user. Tickets will be closed once the complete process is being followed. Reporting will be managed on the basis of this process.

The step-wise process for this web application will be;

  • Fetching mails from specific server/mailbox to this application
  • Categorizing them on the basis of defined parameters
        • Mail Sender
        • Mail Recipient
        • Subject
        • Keywords in mail Body
        • Creating ticket and send auto response to the customer
        • Case I – with same id
        • Case II – with new id (fresh new thread)
        • Flagging – Tags, Labels, Flags
        • Assigning them to concerned persons
        • Can be done automatically
        • Managing response through web application
        • Managing multiple status for a single ticket/mail
        • Creating & sending response to customer through application
        • Option to select sender from list of ids
        • Maker-Checker approval process
        • Save draft option
        • Closing ticket / Final Resolution
        • Mail Ageing
        • Reminder Alerts & Triggers

An optimized dashboard and reporting module will be available for managers and management to have better data visualization and decision making. Solution will have an option to export the reports in prescribed format for onward use by the users. The detailed requirement for dashboard and reports will be finalized during the business requirement gathering phase. This may have an impact on the timelines and project plan accordingly. Broad level understanding has been attained and is covered under dashboard & reporting module deliverable.

There will be a separate interface for the web application admin which will have a detailed user management module including rights & access management. The administrator will have the following key features to manage:

  • User Management
  • Rights & Access Management
  • Maker / Checker Enabling
  • Template Management
  • Attachments Management
  • Keyword Library Management
  • Flags Management
  • Status Management
  • Senders IDs list management
  • Reporting Module

The requirements shall be finalized on the Business Requirement Document that will be attached as Annexure to this statement once the proposal is accepted.

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