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Zoom plugin for Adobe XD brings real-time collaboration to the next level


Video communications are central to the modern workplace as creative teams continue to work together remotely, and Zoom has made it quick and easy for anyone to set up and conduct virtual meetings. Zoom’s mission — to make video communications frictionless and secure — aligns perfectly with one of our goals for Adobe Creative Cloud — making it as easy as possible to do your best creative work in a frictionless environment. That is why, today, we are thrilled to announce Zoom and Adobe are coming together. The new Zoom plugin for Adobe XD is making working together on creative work easier than ever.


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We know remote work poses unique challenges for design teams that rely on close collaboration to bring their creations to life. Creativity is best when teams work and design together, feeding off each other’s ideas and building on them. Adobe XD powers collaboration at every step of the design process, from editing together in real-time with other designers to getting feedback from product managers, developers, and other stakeholders. And with the plugin, you can quickly join or start Zoom meetings directly from XD.

Screenshot of how to view and join a scheduled meeting from XD.

View and join a scheduled meeting or by meeting ID right from XD.

The Zoom plugin for XD brings visibility to upcoming Zoom meetings right inside XD so you will never be late for design reviews, user testing, and other sessions where you need to get feedback. This plugin lets you connect and sync your Zoom meetings in Google or Outlook calendar, so you will see them right within the XD Plugins Panel, front and center. When it is meeting time, it takes just one click to join and launch Zoom. You can even join with screen share enabled if you are the one presenting.

Screenshot showing how you are conected to your team with screensharing.

And you are connected to your team with screen sharing in an instant.

Coediting in Adobe XD: More interactive than ever with Zoom

Coediting in Adobe XD lets you and your team work together in real-time. You can invite other designers, copywriters, developers, and anyone else to view and edit documents with you.

In a virtual work environment, Zoom helps teams recreate some of the ways of working together, like discussing design options or reviewing changes. With the Zoom plugin for XD, you can start ad hoc meetings to review XD designs with other editors on the document. Click start to generate invites pre-filled with co-editors on the document, add or delete who you want in your meeting, then click send to email invites to your Zoom meeting — all without ever leaving XD.

Screenshot of how to start design reviews with co-editors on XD documents.

Start design reviews with co-editors on XD documents in a few clicks.

If you and your team use Zoom for virtual meetings, you can install the Zoom plugin for XD here in the XD Plugin Manager to start working with Zoom in Adobe XD now.

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